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I have plenty of information to share with you concerning some of the best condos Greenville SC has to offer. I will update you frequently with news from the National Association of Realtors, the Greater Greenville Association of Realtors, as well as the City of Greenville concerning condo rentals in Greenville SC, as well as those for sale.

Greenville SC is such a beautiful place to live. When my husband and I thought about retiring to this area, we were surprised that there were so many things to do right in our backyard. Our first order of business was to attend a concert at the Bi-Lo Center with some friends of ours. With a seating capacity of 15,000 people, this beautiful entertainment arena is recognized as one of the top 50 venues in the world. I was amazed at the talent that was presented there.

But there are other fabulous attractions to visit in the Greenville area, such as the Greenville Zoo, the Peace Center Amphitheatre, and Falls Park on the Reedy with its beautiful pond, nature trails, waterfalls, and that gorgeous suspension bridge. There’s also the Greenville County Museum of Art, as well as our baseball favorites, the Greenville Drive, at Fluor Field in Greenville’s West End. The field is a mini replica of Boston’s Fenway Park, and in 2006 it was named Ballpark of the Year by ballparks.com.

It didn’t take us long to know that we wanted to live in Greenville. We thought about buying a house, but we’re not really into yard work so we decided to look for downtown condos to either buy or lease. There were so many nice downtown neighborhoods to choose from, so we didn’t really know where to start. We checked out Earle Street and North Main, McDaniel Avenue and Alta Vista, Main Street, Pettigru, as well as Park Avenue. At that point we decided to let a realtor help us out because real
estate agents know all about luxury condos in Greenville SC and also about the best downtown condos Greenville SC has available to rent or purchase.

Greenville County is located in upstate South Carolina near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and only a stone’s throw away from Asheville, NC. It’s the sixth largest city in South Carolina by population. It’s located midway between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. In parts of the county there are some exquisite mountain views. Sunrise and early morning fog wafting into the valleys below can be an awe-inspiring adventure. In the fall you can see the orange and yellow leaves on the mountaintops in the distance, and occasionally you catch a glimpse of snow on the uppermost peaks in the winter. We knew we’d made a wise choice when we picked Greenville SC. Because of my experience in the area of rentals and sales of condos in the Greenville SC area, I am sharing it with you here at Condos Greenville SC.

From all the real estate news I’ve heard, the real estate market is currently filled with condos in Greenville SC as well as foreclosures in Greenville SC that can be bought or leased for a song in this troubled economy. Short sales in Greenville SC take place every day, and there are plenty of good bargains to be had. We didn’t know what the Greenville average price for a condo would be, but our Greenville SC realtor assured us we would find just what we were looking for. We wanted an open floor plan, granite cabinet tops, a modern kitchen, a living room, dining room, and at least two bedrooms and two baths.

Even though we wanted to live in downtown Greenville, we kept our options open for good bargains in other communities. We wanted to be near all the activities and good food, but we also wanted the price to be within our budget. We searched just about all the downtown condos Greenville SC had to offer, all listings from North Main Street to the Hampton Pinckney historic district. We searched listings of properties on streets that I would never have known existed had it not been for our determination to find just the right condo to rent or buy in Greenville SC. Our search led us to some interesting locations and some fabulous out-of-the-way eateries on some back streets. Those are usually my favorite hang-outs, especially the little bistros and cafes that offer a specialty item that you can’t get anywhere else. I even found a mom-and-pop store that had a small café hidden away in the back, and they served the best hot-dogs I ever put in my mouth! In my opinion, that’s definitely a plus for Greenville SC.

Whatever you’re looking for in condos—whether it’s a lease, lease to own, or purchase—you can definitely find what you’re looking for if you have the right contact, which will be a realtor or property management team. Your search will be easier, too, with someone to guide you, someone familiar with the area. My husband and I found what we wanted. I can look out one window of our condo and see a beautiful forest of trees behind us, so I have the best of both worlds. We’re in downtown Greenville SC,
but the back side of our condo is hidden from the street by the trees. We have no yard maintenance, which suits our lifestyle perfectly. Plus our sale went without a hitch. Our real estate agent helped us find a condo for lease that met all our requirements, and we have great neighbors. We’re within walking distance of some of Greenville’s finest attractions. We’re also close to the hospital and to our doctor’s and dentist’s offices. I am completely sold on our Greenville SC condo.

Thanks for visiting Condos Greenville SC today. In the very near future I will update you with some videos and additional information. I will also make some recommendations to you that you will find helpful in your search for Greenville SC condos, whether it’s to lease or buy. Tell your friends how to find us.

Thinking about getting a condo in Greenville SC or already have one?  Here are a few tips in keeping it clean.

When it comes to cleaning strategies, no one way is the best way. Everyone has to find a strategy that can work best for their home and their specific situation. Some people focus on one room at a time. Other people focus on certain tasks set aside throughout the week. There are many tricks and you just have to try them all until you can find the best way for you to keep your condo clean.

Many people think condos are smaller than houses. This is not true. A condo can come in a variety of sizes from an extravagant six bedrooms to one bedroom and one bath. To be considered a condominium and not a house, the unit must have some shared space with other tenants like hallways, entryways, stairs or mailboxes. The difference between a condo and an apartment is that the condo is owned by the tenant, rather than rented.

Since condos come in all sizes just like houses, they can get just as dirty. Just like in a house, dust from open windows filters in, closets get disorganized, items get left out on the floor or living spaces and dishes don’t get washed. All of the same kinds of messes can happen in a condo, as in any other type of living situation.

So, how can you keep your condo clean? As mentioned previously, the experts suggest trying a number of different strategies. If you research the topic, most experts will suggest finding time to focus a little attention on cleaning each day. If picking up in a variety of rooms doesn’t work for you, try focusing your attention on one room.

Devote all your time to cleaning your living room one week, then switch to your bedroom the following week. This will create a cycle for you. In smaller condos, you will be able to cycle from room to room during a month long period. For larger homes, you may need to combine weekly tasks. For example, focus on bedroom and bathroom one week, then kitchen and second bathroom the next week.

If this strategy becomes too overwhelming, then perhaps you should try picking a Saturday or Sunday and tackle it all. Give yourself a list and start at the top, crossing things off as you go along. It is best to start with doing laundry and straightening-putting things away where they belong. Then, move on to dusting, as this will cause dust to fall to floor. Finish up the day with sweeping and either vacuuming or mopping depending on your floors’ needs.

Save up your energy and find a good time of day to motivate yourself. Try promising yourself treats or special conditions if you get the cleaning done. Condos can get messy fast so finding time to clean is important.

Are you looking for a condo in Greenville SC?  This video goes over how to buy a condo.